Meet our Vendors: 


Becca Lynn Naturals:

Becca Lynn Naturals is a 100% natural skin care and self care company. We only use the highest quality ingredients for our products to ensure efficacy and purity. All of our products are vegan and cruelty free with no toxic chemicals. Our products include lip balm, lip scrub, facial oils, clay facial masks, hand and body scrubs, whipped body butter, and candles.

Becca Lynn on Etsy  Becca Lynn on Facebook  Becca Lynn on Instagram


Believe Designs EG

Available for preorder and pickup only.  Card and notecards, handmade. Prices range from $6.00-$8.50. The shop owner, Elizabeth, has special needs. She had dyspraxia, which makes all learning and doing all tasks hard work. Believe Designs EG on Etsy


Breezy Ridge Acres:

Our honey is Certified Naturally Grown.  We do NOT use pesticides or herbicides in our apiary or orchard. We do not even use synthetic pesticides or fertilizer on our farm. 

Breezy Ridge Acres on Facebook 

Buckeyes and More, LLC: 

Award-winning buckeyes and other baked goods such as nutrolls, caramels, pizzelles, and apple pies. 

Buckeyes and More, LLC on Facebook

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Disabled American Veterans:

DAV is a nonprofit charity that provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families, helping more than 1 million veterans in positive, life-changing ways each year. Annually, the organization provides more than 240,000 rides to veterans attending medical appointments and assists veterans with well over 160,000 benefit claims. In 2020, DAV helped veterans receive more than $23 billion in earned benefits. DAV’s services are offered at no cost to all generations of veterans, their families and survivors.

ethereal creations.PNG

Ethereal Creations: 

Patrons will want to shop with me because I create high quality, lightweight, and affordable earrings for anyone! No two pairs are exactly the same, so each patron will have a positively unique pair. My style is eclectic and funky and I love to use bright colors and various shapes to craft my earrings. I truly care about the happiness of each customer, so it makes me incredibly happy to see my customers wearing my earrings and feeling confident!  Ethereal Creations on Instagram

Ethereal Creations on Facebook 

FaithSeedLogo-Square-Color (1).jpg

Faith Seed Farm: 

Microgreens grown using pure, natural methods.  No soil, fertilizer or pesticides.  Microgreens are up to 40% more nutritious than the adult vegetable and are grown year round.  Faith Seed Farm on Instagram. Faith Seed Farm on Facebook. 


Fine Spice Company, Moe's Private Reserve:

Available for preorder and pickup only.  Moe's Private Reserve Multi-Purpose Seasoning & Rub is a top secret blend of herbs and spices. Although originated for BBQ, it has grown into a favorite for perking up everything from vegetables to munchies. Also available in HOT for the more adventurous. 

Moe's Private Reserve on Facebook


Garrett's Garden Life:

I have a small greenhouse and a modest garden that supplies some of the produce. My main source of vegetables and fruits is the Geauga Produce auction in Middlefield, a local resource to help Amish farms sell produce. All items are not strictly organic but I use no sprays or other chemicals and the Amish are likewise using manure as fertilizer. Garrett's Garden Life on Facebook

Garrett's Garden Life on Instagram

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Jackson 'Maters: 

Beginning in July. Organic Produce and Plants.  Heirloom Tomatoes, Peppers, cucumbers, ground cherry, tomatillo, beans, mint, herbs, teas. peaches, pears, apples. Heirloom varieties packed with flavor.

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Johnny's Best: 

Johnny's Best offers a variety of habanero and fruit jellies, including red pepper habanero, strawberry habanero, and peach habanero jams. Johnny's Best on Instagram


Kate's Creations

Soft and comfortable headbands for any occasion in sizes from baby to adult. Kate's Creations on Facebook

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Kellar Family Mushrooms, LLC:

We organically grow gourmet mushrooms that are not available in stores or locally.  The mushrooms are grown on different substrates depending on their need and harvested fresh.  Kellar Family Mushrooms on Instagram Kellar Family Mushrooms on Facebook 

Did you know - Nine signatories of the D

The Laughing Ladybug:

We offer Face Painting, balloon items (no foils) and ukulele music.

The Laughing Ladybug on Facebook


Liz Soaps:

I sell handcrafted bar soaps ranging in price from $3-$6. I package all my products in recycled materials and I strive to reduce the amount of plastic bottles by encouraging customers to switch to bar soap.

Liz Soaps on Facebook Liz Soaps on Instagram

Mary Ann's Fine Foods Logo (1).png

Mary Ann's Fine Foods:

Delicious recipes passed down from generations. Pepperoni rolls and Brier Hill pizzas, spinach and zucchini breads. 

Mr. Chickapee's.png

Mr. Chickapee's Second Chance Silver

Jewelry, sculptures and many other things made from antique silver plated silverware. Prices $5 to $50.  A lot of people love spoon rings, jewelry and my sculptures.  They buy them for themselves and as presents. Mr. Chickapee's Facebook Group

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Pershing's Popcorn: 

Handpopped kettle corn/ flavored popcorn as well as homemade fudge and flavored nuts. Everything is fresh, local and handmade in small batches. My attention to detail makes all of my products of the highest quality and value! Pershing's Popcorn on Instagram  Pershing's Popcorn on Facebook

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The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County

The Pop-Up Library goes out into the community to serve you! Stop by and check out Library materials, sign up for a Library card, or learn about our digital resources and branch services.

NOTE: If you would like to get a library card, please bring photo id and proof of current address.  The library will be with us every other week and offering storytimes at 6:30 PM. 

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Photos by Angela: 

Photos by Angela is a local photography business that offers a variety of packages and options that are customizable. Perfect for capturing that special event in life. Photos by Angela on Instagram. 


Rusted Leaf Tea Co:

We produce unique blends of tea and try to use as much organic product as possible.  We are on a constant mission to deliver a great cup of tea for people to enjoy.

Rusted Leaf Tea Co. on Facebook 

Rusted Leaf Tea Co. on Instagram


Simple Gardens:

I am a home grown grass roots company. My simple gardens are for learning about how plants & sustainable ways of life can create health & wellness. My characters are family members & pets and tell stories about their adventures with their gardens & recipes, supplies within the gardens that they discover along their journey. Simple Gardens on Etsy

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A Smidgen of Everything:

I love crafting and am always taking on a new medium! Everything I make is handmade and I am always trying to learn something new. I am always happy to answer questions about my products and I hope I can make your ideas become a reality! 💛

Smidgen on Etsy Smidgen on Instagram Smidgen on Facebook 

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Sophie's Dogs:

We are a new small hot dog cart, a family owned & operated business. Our goal is to attract family friendly customers with our delicious food at affordable prices. This will be our first full year operating our cart and we look forward to meeting our future regular customers.

Sophie's on Facebook 


Souper Connection:

Souper Connection is about building harmonious connections one plant-based bowl at a time. There are lots of divisions in our world, but we believe they can be healed over a warm bowl of ethically-crafted soup accompanied by a hearty piece of bread along with some meaningful conversation between people who care about each other, themselves, their community, and the planet. Check us out... try a simple bowl of soup. The bread is included, and we'll throw in a conversation starter for you and your companion too. Join our quiet revolution and see what happens! SouperConnection website

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Staircase Ceramics:

I create all of my pottery from start to finish in my small basement home studio. I am a young, ceramic, local artist who is trying to kick start my own business. I create functional, wheel-thrown pottery and I believe that my creative touch that I bring to my work is something that appeals to many people. I thoroughly enjoy visiting and chatting with new customers as it presents the opportunity for me to get to know more people in the community. I am extremely grateful to be able to share my work with others. 

Staircase Ceramics on Facebook Staircase Ceramics on Instagram


Sunstone Garden:

Irisa D. Flowers- Green, “Literally named keeper of the horticultural realm.”  I create nature- inspired accessories for Home & Garden which I sell on Etsy and locally at pop- ups and I offer personalized residential gardening services and assistance to homeowners in the Mahoning Valley who may need a helping hand.

More about my Gardening Services:
I offer a more personable alternative to contract landscaping. 
FREE initial Garden consultation. I will garden for a one time session or monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or as needed March- October. Some services I offer: Rototilling ~ Weeding ~ Pruning ~ Edge redefining ~ Planting ~ Transplanting ~ Seed sowing ~ Bulb planting ~ Leaf removal ~ Harvesting and Planning.


More about my Handcrafts:
I am an avid handcrafter. I create items that remind you of those amazing feelings that you get when you are under the Sun, in your Garden or any place where you can feel peaceful in Nature. Hone in on this link with Nature and ignite your natural abilities using my floral canvas harvest aprons, 2-in-1 wraps, pouches, spell kits, wildcrafted herbs & other Nature- inspired accessories created to use at home or for easy traveling and outdoor workings.

Why Sunstone? Simply put, it resonates so deeply for me both nostalgically and presently. My most peaceful moments are those when the Sun is beaming down on my body with it's warmth, guidance and reassurance. Sunstone possesses energy as bright and cheery as its vibrant aesthetic, the Sunstone is linked with the playful whimsy of childhood. While maintaining the daily stress of adulting in the modern world, Sunstone reminds us to keep a healthy balance between career demands and fun in the sun.

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Sweets by Christina:

I produce cottage food (nonperishable cookies and chocolate and chocolate covered confections). All my bakery products are 100% natural. I use ingredients which are locally grown and produced (eggs, fruits, berries, etc.). I offer regular, gluten free, keto and organic menus. Sweets by Christina on Instagram


A Taste of Home Handmade Boutique:

Handcrafted resin pieces including coaster sets,

serving trays, keychains, wall art,

and custom commissions.

A Taste of Home on Facebook

A Taste of Home on Instagram


Wright Family Farms

Meat from grass-fed and pastured animals offers the best health benefits possible. Raising animals on pasture is also healthier for the animal and for the environment. Grass-fed lamb is rotated through pastures. Pastured beef, pork, and chickens (eggs) are offered green pasture and non-GMO grain. All animals are raised on our farm and then processed at a USDA approved facility.  Wright Family Farms on Facebook 

Zimmerman Farms.png

Zimmerman Farms:

Homegrown produce, using limited pest management. Zimmerman Farms on Facebook Zimmerman Farms on Instagram